ESQADA Software: How it works?


This platform will enable related professionals to:

•    Manage all ongoing audit and inspection programs to ensure operations are in compliance with permits and regulations;

•    Set up inspection programs to help identify and control risks;

•    Collect and record all audit and inspection related details, simplifying audit/inspection recordkeeping;

•    Automate follow-up interactive workflows;

•    Ensure that all actions and items resulting from an environmental audit are satisfactorily completed and closed on a daily basis;

•    Provide inspectors with a central access point to view and manage their full inspection program, including completion status and history of the related findings and actions;

•    Generate effective reports to review environmental audit/inspection results.

ESQADA Software is a full-scale real-time Digital Platform for pro-active Analytical Solutions for Quality Control over every aspect of the Environmental Safety tasks. It is a pro-active online application (for IOS or Android). 


On top of the above, the ESQADA Software package will help environmental safety professionals to:

•    Minimize the cost and effort associated with complex regulatory requirements and mitigate the risk of noncompliance;

•    Our compliance management solution allows organizations in the Oil & Gas industry to manage environmental compliance tasks, documentation, and related data;

•    Determine regulatory applicability for all working sites and assets;

•    Leverage our practical experience to ensure no matter wherever the company is positioned  in the world, we will be able to provide the latest regulatory content;

•    Manage and satisfy environmental compliance requirements for jurisdictions around the world and satisfy environmental management standards such as ISO 14001;

•    Our software automatically sends tasks to individuals or groups and manage your team’s time with the compliance calendar and recurring tasks;

•    Track and monitor completed and overdue tasks to guarantee compliance;

•    Quickly escalate task notifications to HES management and security personnel.

With this project in the segment of Quality Assurance in Environmental Safety clients are able to access, evaluate and get recommendations within a user-friendly platform.