ESQADA as a step forward the Environmental Safety

Environmental Safety is the practice of policies and procedures that ensure that a surrounding environment, including work areas, laboratories or facilities, is free of dangers that could cause harm to a person working in those areas. A safe place to work is the key element of environmental safety.

ESQADA Software is a comprehensive set of software solutions that are aligned with ISO 14001 standards to help companies from different industries - including Oil and Gas - to meet their regulatory and Environmental Safety compliance obligations. This includes:

- air emissions inventory;

- wastewater management;

- chemical management;

- waste management;

- auditing;

- inspections. 

Our modular design enables stakeholders to select the environmental compliance software solutions that suit their unique needs in the short-term and add on as their geographical spread and volume grow.


Our Solution

ESQADA Software will allow companies to implement permanent ongoing monitoring and active control between the training and certification exams utilizing our low-cost but highly efficient iOS and Android online Applications. 

ESQADA Software provides an opportunity for Environmental Safety-related staff of all levels of management to interact with employees regardless of their Geo-positioning. It is a constructive alternative to current industry standards of Quality Assurance in the area of Environmental Safety when all standards of qualification are observed during actual certification programs and training on a regular basis but occasionally.